Introducing xbay 256

Affordable. Advanced. We offer uncompromised control with features you need at only $50 USD (per patch-point)
Simply the best
There can be only one and when everyone is claiming to be so then a benchmark is needed to reveal the truth. So we benchmarked and can safely say that we offer the best solution for what you really need : easy and recallable mastering grade signal routing in an acoustically silent and reliable manner for a reasonable price.

Seamlessly patch and route your hardware into your mix. Recall sessions with ease. Parallel process, split, mult : Experiment instantly and effortlessly. UNLEASH CREATIVITY
  • Focus on your creative process
  • Recall your sessions
  • The ultimate hybrid solution
What if all your gear could talk to each other? With all signals passing thru XBAY, you can go wild. Every IN. Every OUT.
Advanced hardware and software
  • Analog signal routing - Zero AD/DA conversions
  • Supports AC, DC and uni-polar signals
  • Zero latency, just like any ordinary patchbay.
  • Desktop app, plus browser support for touchscreens
  • Control via USB and WiFi
  • Remote control via internet
  • Long-lasting laser engraved, anodized panels
  • Be a musician instead of an IT-specialist
  • Recall up to 127 MIDI snapshots per session
  • Works with balanced signals & pseudo balanced for unbalanced input.
  • Be a producer instead of an operator.
  • Mouse and separate dedicated touch interface.
  • Implements AES48-2005 standard on interconnections
  • Works on Mac OS, IOS, Windows, Linux & Android on desktop and mobile devices.
XBay is the centerpiece of your studio. The one thing that everything else revolves around. And with great power comes great responsibility. If there are problems that cannot be solved remotely asap and it is beyond reasonable doubt that the issue is with the unit, then we will send you a replacement unit immediately and you send back the one with problems after the replacement is installed, minimizing impact on your workflow. We offer 5 years factory warranty, provided any issues are not caused by obvious misuse of the product.